Vernon & Lilly’s 5 Week Adventure #7

Hello Fellow Travellers   On the road to Mt Isa 10/7/18.   I you’re planning to make a B line for Mt Isa from Winton, then in a word, don’t. This drive has many places of interest,  but the three main ones would have to be

  1.        Kynuna road house for breakfast or brunch.
  2.        The Crocodile Dundee’s Walkabout creek hotel.
  3.        The Chinamans Dam.

  Look out for the road trains,  they are now 4 trailers in length. If you go past one coming at you and you stay on 110 km/hr then you may get a big shunt from the air they are pushing , we have found that slowing to around 90 k’s and moving over a bit ( if safe) helps big time. Give these guys the respect they deserve. Actually,  this applies for all the big rigs ..   Got into Mt Isa Sunset Caravan park and our first impressions were WOW. This place, from what we have seen so far is going straight to the top of our list.   Stay tuned for more info and pics.   Safe travels Lily and Vernon

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