Sell or Consign your Camper

Interested in a Quick and Easy Sale?

We are always buying campers, if you have one for sale and want a quick, hassle free sale contact us today, we love campers so are always looking to buy.


We offer a great consignment opportunity where we will take care of the detailing & advertising of your camper. Benefit from selling through a dealer as we can easily take trades and offer finance and warranty to customers.
Our advertising and website means we have a huge database of buyers looking for all types of campers, so we can help quickly sell your camper for you.
Consigning is a great way to help achieve the price you are after and takes the hassle out of selling it privately

Trade In

We will be more than happy to take trades, be it a campervan, caravan, motorhome, camper trailer, boat, car, motorbike etc, the only thing we don’t take as trades are Husbands or Wives.

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