Vernan & Lily’s 5 Week Adventure #3

Hi Everyone

Today we left this beautiful place called Warrego Riverside tourist park in Cunnamulla and continued our journey north, destination Charleville.

We give Cunnamulla and Warrego Riverside tourist park a 10 out of 10. Apparently its only Vodafone that has no reception but easily fixed  by either purchasing a sim or going to the library for unlimited wifi.. Beautiful place, friendly and helpful owner (Judy).

We drove out the gate and had just settled back in top gear ,when a 6 foot Grey kangaroo decided to jump in front of us, he came from nowhere and we hit head on, thankfully he bounced of the bull bar rolled a couple of times and then hopped away. So glad we ordered the van with a full bull bar, if not,  this would definitely be a different story.

Charleville is only approximately 200 kms from Cunnamulla,  so we got to our campsite by 10 am. We stayed at the Red Lizard camp ground and once again very happy with our choice . Nothing fancy here , this is a true outback site. The amenities were simple but very functional and squeaky clean and the owners very helpful and friendly. One camper came in with the spare wheel carrier falling off and Shaun, the owner, repaired it for them.

Campervan Trip Australia

Fuel in Charleville was the same as Sydney. We did our calculations and reckon we could have gone from Dubbo to Charleville on one tank. This VW Transporter is amazing on fuel.

Be on your best behaviour whilst driving here as the Police are very active.

Safe travels everyone

Lily and Vernon

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